Forough Azadi

Forough Azadi

Hello. This is the story of my dear mother, Forough Azadi, a good and honest woman and a devoted mother. She had diabetes and took insulin every day. Two and a half years ago she became ill and was diagnosed with sepsis. At first, we went to a private hospital, but they referred us to a government hospital in the city because the government hospital had better equipment such as fusion scanning. My mother was not feeling well at all, but after some time in the ward, they said that her lung infection and pulmonary embolism were gone, but she still had to be oxygen ventilated to cure septicemia. My mother was a strong person by nature. But they could not feed her for 16 days because the NG feeding also caused her nose to bleed due to low platelets and the nosebleed did not stop.

On February 28, 2018, while my mother had been oxygen ventilated 4 times, her specialist doctor only visited in the morning until noon, but interns took care at night shifts. On the night of the accident, at 9 o’clock in the evening, a jaw & face intern was assigned to deliver food to my mother. At the time of OG tube feeding, his hand touched the breathing air tube which caused it to collapse as he unintentionally cut off the only way for my mother to breathe. My mother’s blood oxygen dropped from 95 to 25. Then the intern panicked and stood aside. The head nurse, instead of calling the resuscitation team, sucked blood to re-enter the intubation tube until they could re-mount it and my mother’s blood oxygen difficulty reached 55. They both left the room and did not wait for my mother to become more stable. After they left, I saw her blood oxygen drop again and then her heart rate dropped to zero. It was very painful. She died and later the operation of the resuscitation team had no effect on her.

After a mourning ceremony, the hospital mortality committee was formed. The relevant intern was found guilty, but this result was not given to me in writing. He was fired for at least three months plus written reprimand, but the committee wanted to calm us down and they said, “Sorry it was an accelerated death.”

In the next stage, I had three complaints to the two brigades of the medical commission. After what I believe was an incomplete investigation, they voted to be negligent and said that it is normal for these cases to happen during OG feeding! In my opinion, the medical commissions are more in favor of the medical staff than the survivors of the deceased patient.

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