2019 World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit

January 17, 2019 - January 18, 2019

About the Event

The 2019 World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit celebrated the remarkable progress being made around the world to save patient lives from preventable harm. For the seventh year in a row, former U.S. President Bill Clinton presented the keynote address. He commended attendees on the numerous lives saved over the last seven years and asked participating clinicians, hospitals, and healthcare technology companies to recruit others to join them. Founder Joe Kiani, addressed the Summit with a State of the Movement, reviewed the progress made to date, reminded attendees of the 2020 goal, and urged every hospital to implement evidence-based guidelines. He stated, “To err is human but to not put the proper patient safety processes in place is inhumane.”

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Hyatt Regency , Huntington Beach,CAUnited States

Keynote Speakers