Anthony Staines, MBA, MPA, PhD

Patient Safety Program Director

Fédération des hôpitaux vaudois, Switzerland
Deputy Editor, International Journal for Quality in Health Care

After an MBA (Master of Business Administration) at INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France) and an MPA (Master of Public Administration) at IDHEAP (Lausanne, Switzerland), Anthony Staines obtained a Ph.D. in Management at University of Lyon (France). He is the author of a doctoral dissertation on the impact of hospital quality improvement programs on clinical outcomes.

He has been CEO of hospitals for 10 years and currently runs a portfolio of Patient Safety improvement projects for the Federation of hospitals of Canton Vaud, in Switzerland, and advises a number of hospitals on Patient Safety strategies and projects. He lectures on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety at IFROSS, University of Lyon, France. During the 2023 Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety, hosted by Switzerland, he delivered the core messages from the experts to the Ministers.