Armaan Meshkati, BS

Quality and Patient Safety Strategist

Patient Safety Movement Foundation

Armaan Meshkati is the Quality and Patient Safety Strategist for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. Meshkati develops the Foundation’s plans to achieve a streamlined commitment model and process map for all actionable evidence-based safety practices. He collaborates with key stakeholders to ensure that the blueprints of these evidence-based practices are both peer reviewed and deemed a practical way of enhancing care outcomes and improving patient safety within hospitals. He is also in charge of managing the Foundation’s fellowship program.

Having previously worked as an Associate Research Specialist in the Hematology/Oncology Laboratory at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), Meshkati has experience in working closely with key stakeholders to further best practices in public health. His time at CHLA saw him uncover and address data discrepancies within multiple databases as well as develop a process map to eliminate potential data mishandling and input errors.

Meshkati joined the Patient Safety Movement Foundation team to help pursue his own personal passion for improving patient safety, having experienced firsthand the negative impact of preventable harms while his loved ones were receiving care in hospital settings.