Collin Walker, BS

Finance & Data Coordinator

Patient Safety Movement Foundation

Collin Walker is the Finance and Data Coordinator for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. Walker’s role involves generating reports on all aspects of the organization’s activities, and supporting the Accounting and Finance Manager across a wide range of accounting tasks and plans. He is also involved in collaborating and communicating with internal and external stakeholders, and performing various data management and analysis duties.

Walker has previously worked as a data analyst with various healthcare organizations and foundations to analyze their finances as well as collate data to help them understand industry trends and guide their strategic plans. He also currently holds the position of Programmatic & Data Solutions Analyst with leading healthcare news publisher WebMD.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Geospatial and Database Management Systems from Oregon State University and was inspired to pursue work in the field of patient safety after his experience of working with critically ill patients as a Hospice Aide.