Edward Kelley, PhD

Governance Board Member

Patient Safety Movement Foundation

Chief Global Health Officer, ApiJect Systems

Dr. Edward Kelley holds the position of Chief Global Health Officer at ApiJect Systems, a US-based medical technology company with a core mission to enhance the safety and affordability of vaccines and injectable medications worldwide.

Before assuming his current role, Dr. Kelley occupied the role of Director of Integrated Health Systems at the World Health Organization. In this role, he actively managed initiatives encompassing clinical services, health systems policies, regulatory frameworks for health services, patient safety, quality of care, and monitoring of health service performance. His notable contributions included leading the formulation of the Astana Declaration on Primary Health Care, overseeing the integration of immunization into primary care, and taking charge of WHO’s efforts to ensure the continuity of essential health services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Kelley initiated the first-ever public-private collaboration at WHO, fostering partnerships with pharmaceutical and medical device industries to enhance healthcare services and patient safety. His leadership extended to shaping a Global Strategy on Digital Health, overseeing a sizable team of over 75 staff members, and managing a global network of over 300 WHO collaborating centers, academic institutions, NGOs, and private sector affiliates.

Preceding his tenure at WHO, Dr. Kelley served as the Director of the U.S. National Healthcare Reports within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. In this capacity, he reported to the Secretary for HHS and the U.S. Congress, where he was accountable for monitoring the quality of healthcare across all U.S. states. His responsibilities encompassed evaluating the quality of immunization and services provided to underserved and difficult-to-access populations.

Additionally, Dr. Kelley directed the Health Care Quality Improvement Project for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, covering 28 countries. He also contributed his expertise as a Senior Researcher and Quality Assurance Advisor for USAID, participating in significant initiatives such as the Quality Assurance Project (QAP) and Partnerships for Health Reform Project Plus (PHRPlus). Throughout his career, Dr. Kelley has lived and worked in diverse regions including West and North Africa, Latin America, and the Western Pacific.