Irisa Zile-Velika, MPH, PhD

Head of the Patient safety and health care quality improvement unit, Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Dr. Irisa Zile obtained bachelor’s and master’s degrees in public health and epidemiology as well as a doctorate in medicine (PhD, specialty – Public Health and Epidemiology) from Riga Stradins University (RSU).

With more than 20 years of experience in the public health field. The main areas of activities are related to maternal and child health, health care, incl. data analysis and surveillance of the perinatal health system. Dr. Irisa Zile also works as a lecturer at the Department of Public Health and Epidemiology of RSU. She also has expansive experience with various international projects.

Recently, her area of responsibility is related to patient safety issues at the Patient Safety and Health Care Quality Improvement Unit at the Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

Dr. Irisa Zile aims to find ways to manage the challenges of implementing patient experience monitoring systems, including self-reported patient safety incidents. She looks forward to establishing consistent improvement in patient safety and increasing patient trust in healthcare systems by working together with hospitals to reinforce a culture of patient safety.