Javier T. Davila, MD, MFS

Governance Board Member

Patient Safety Movement Foundation
Former Medical Director, Mexican Social Security Institute
Head of Medical Education, Research and Health Public Policy

Javier Davila is on the Governance Board of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. His work involves advocating for a culture of patient safety amongst an affiliation of private and public hospitals in Mexico and establishing close relationships between the Foundation and federal government institutions and healthcare and academic organizations, encouraging them to make patient safety commitments.

Davila has been responsible for organizing delegations of Mexican hospital CEOs and physicians to the Foundation’s annual Summits, and he has participated in various international conferences across South America and the Middle East promoting current patient safety efforts.

A trained Cranio-Maxillofacial surgeon, Davila served as President of the Mexican Association and College of Maxillofacial Surgery in the 1990s before taking up leadership positions within government and healthcare. He has held various roles, including Medical Director of the Mexican Social Security Institute, an organization that encompasses around 2,000 medical units, 73,000 physicians, and 11,000 nurses. He has also been a member of the Executive Committee for the Mexican Academy of Surgery and was nominated as a member of the new Scientific and Diplomatic Council for Research, Innovation and Technology for the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Mexican Federal Government.