Joe Kiani, MS

Founder & Past Chairman, Patient Safety Movement Foundation
Founder, Chairman & CEO, Masimo Corporation

joe kiani's bio photo

Joe Kiani is responsible for creating the Patient Safety Movement Foundation & Coalition and the Patient Safety Science & Technology Summit. Mr. Kiani founded the Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) in 2013 with a mission to reduce the more than 200,000 preventable patient deaths that occur in U.S. hospitals every year. Under Mr. Kiani’s leadership, the Patient Safety Movement held the first Patient Safety Science & Technology Summit in January 2013 with President Clinton as the keynote speaker. Mr. Kiani has convened hundreds of leading clinicians, hospital CEOs, and medical technology CEOs from around the globe and at this Summit, launched an aggressive goal – ZERO patient deaths by 2020.

As the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Masimo Corporation, a global medical technology innovator, Mr. Kiani has been a beacon for patient safety and innovation in healthcare for more than 30 years. Convinced that the use of adaptive signal processing could solve the problems of motion artifact and signal noise that plagued pulse oximetry–widely recognized as the 5th vital sign–he founded Masimo in 1989 to improve the accuracy of noninvasive patient monitoring.

Under his leadership, Masimo has grown from a “garage start up” into a successful publicly-traded company (NASDAQ: MASI) employing more than 6,000 people worldwide and providing its market-leading Masimo SET® Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion pulse oximetry technology to leading OEM patient monitoring manufacturers. Today, Masimo is an innovative powerhouse delivering key noninvasive medical breakthroughs, including: Masimo rainbow Pulse COOximetry™–the first noninvasive blood constituent monitoring platform to measure multiple blood constituents that previously required invasive procedures and help reduce risky blood transfusions.

Mr. Kiani’s dream of transforming patient care thrives today as he works with legislators in Washington, D.C., to affect public policy that supports innovation and promotes good healthcare decisions. In 2010, he created the Masimo Foundation for Ethics, Innovation and Competition in Healthcare to encourage and promote activities, programs, and research opportunities that improve patient safety and deliver advanced healthcare worldwide—fostering access to innovative medical solutions for those who may not otherwise benefit from their lifesaving capabilities. In 2011 he founded the Masimo Political Action Committee to spotlight the important issues that will shape healthcare policy.

Mr. Kiani believes in turning yesterday’s impossibilities into tomorrow’s possibilities and challenging the status quo. This is exactly what he and his company, Masimo, have done and are continuing to do, and his passion is to share this insight, knowledge, and the indomitable spirit of a true innovator to improve healthcare for Americans and patients around the world.