Melanie Whitfield, BSc, MSc

Associate Director

Patient Safety, Clinical Governance and Risk Management and Trust Patient Safety Specialist, NHS Trust, London England

Melanie Whitfield is a registered midwife in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and one of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s 2023 Fellows.

With 25 years of clinical practice experience, including seven years in senior leadership positions at NHS Trust-Wide levels, Whitfield places patient safety at the core of her work. She holds a Masters in Patient Safety and currently serves as both the Associate Director of Patient Safety, Clinical Governance and Risk Management and a Trust Patient Safety Specialist at an NHS Trust in southwest London, which has been rated as Outstanding by the UK Care Quality Commission.

A collaborative and inclusive leader, Whitfield believes in a culture of constructive challenge to continuously improve the delivery of high-quality care. By engaging clinical leadership to facilitate patient-focused improvement and innovation, she strives to make patients, families, and care-givers partners in the provision of care, as a means of enhancing their experiences and safety within the healthcare setting.