Nasim Afsar, MD, MBA, MHM

Senior Vice President and Chief health Officer

Oracle Health
Nasim afsar bio photo

As Chief Health Officer, Nasim spearheads the care team voice across care quality and patient safety, caregiver relationships, regulatory requirements, and business processes. She brings decades of experience in direct patient care and operations to bear on our clients’ clinical, financial, and operational success.

Before her role as Chief Health Officer, Dr. Afsar served as the Chief Operating Officer for UCI Health, with the vision of delivering excellent care for the population of patients in the region and beyond while creating the best place to work in healthcare.

At UCI Health, she led inpatient and ambulatory operations, including ambulatory care, inpatient progression efforts, clinical support services, ancillary services, public safety, building and construction, emergency management, and health system contracting, working closely with payors. Dr. Afsar also oversaw more than ???????? clinics and the UCI Health Patient Access Center (call center, central authorization, and referral center.) Her work led to historically high ambulatory growth, surgeries, inpatient volumes, and tertiary care transfers to UCI Health.

During her tenure at UCI Health, Dr. Afsar spearheaded and co-led innovative programs, such as telehealth, hospital-at-home, and strategic partnerships, to help provide value for patients and communities. After the onset of COVID-19, Dr. Afsar created a mobile field hospital, led licensure of ambulatory spaces, created drive-thru COVID-19 testing centers, and a large-scale COVID-19 vaccination program.

Dr. Afsar has served in various healthcare executive roles throughout her career, including Associate Chief Medical Officer at UCLA Health, leading numerous health system initiatives in quality, safety, and patient experience. And, Chief Quality Officer for the Department of Medicine at UCLA Health, leading large-scale population health initiatives, including an innovative program, “Mind the Gap,” which closed the highest numbers of care gaps in the system.

She is the Past President of the Society of Hospital Medicine and has served on the Board of Directors for eight years. As President, Dr. Afsar led strategic discussions about the future of hospital medicine and hospitals.