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Patient Safety Moonshot

We are calling on you to help us propel forward this Patient Safety Moonshot™ to eliminate a leading cause of death globally – unsafe care. Together, we can achieve what seems unachievable.

Support the Moonshot

Patients, health workers, and concerned citizens can propel this Moonshot forward.

There have been audacious “Moonshot” goals before that have successfully been achieved – going to the moon, curing hepatitis C – and others that are on their way such as the “Cancer Moonshot” and eradicating polio.

Now is the time to call for a Patient Safety Moonshot™ because we’ve all been working on this problem for far too long without meaningful change for all within our healthcare systems globally.

The World Health Organization has published a Global Patient Safety Action Plan for all nations to follow so there is no longer an excuse that we don’t know what gaps exist. It’s time to work on the “how” and implement change.

This Patient Safety Moonshot will help us reach our goal of ZERO preventable patient harm and death across the globe by 2030.

Attention Americans: Opportunity for Action!

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has published its draft FY 2022-2026 strategic plan and to our surprise, there is NO mention of patient safety in the entire plan. The Agency for Health Research and Quality reports to HHS and has a plan on patient safety; we are concerned that if HHS isn’t prioritizing this patients will continue to be harmed and health workers will not be supported. We believe this is a misstep and we will be sending our own letter to HHS today asking for them to reprioritize patient safety.

If you’d like to join in on our letter-writing campaign we’ve developed a templated letter to send to HHS along with us. The more letters they get the better. You can sign the letter as an individual concerned about the problem, or as a leader of an organization you work for that cares about advancing patient safety.

We can reach ZERO if we all step up and take action.

Make Your Care Safer

Educate yourself on the topics below and sign on to support the following three patient safety policy issues:

  1. Enhancing Quality and Safety Through Transparency
  2. Aligning Incentives
  3. Establishing Region-Appropriate Regulatory Oversight

Enhancing Patient Safety & Quality through Transparency

We believe there are four issues that impact the ability for patient safety & quality to be improved.

  1. Lack of Open and Honest Communication
  2. Difficulty Quantifying the Problem
  3. Inadequate Public Access to Safety Data
  4. Suppression of Information

Aligning Incentives

There is misalignment between the goals of healthcare organizations, clinicians, payors, and patients. Our current care delivery model was designed to pay for care for existing disease, not to promote wellness and prevent illness. Healthcare organizations and clinicians are generally paid according to the volume of hospitalizations, visits, and procedures completed, rather than by quality and safety-related patient outcomes. This incentivizes unnecessary care or overtreatment, which increases both the cost and risk of harm. In addition, care and procedures (e.g. hip and knee replacements) are rapidly moving to ambulatory settings where the payment policy necessary to drive the quality and safety of outcomes is especially lacking. While there has been much attention to patient safety in the last 20 years and some success around specific risks like central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) and catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), these are just the tip of the iceberg of preventable harm. Despite the best intentions of those on the frontline, we will never reach zero harm in healthcare until financial incentives for healthcare organizations are aligned with the goal of systemic prevention of all-cause harm in all care settings.

Establishing Region-Appropriate Regulatory Oversight Globally

Research and discussion about the need for effective patient safety oversight and legislation have increased in many countries over the past two decades as patients, providers and the press have driven awareness of the alarming risk of unsafe care to public health.  Yet few countries have comprehensive programs for reporting, investigation, and collective learning at national or regional levels. A regulatory approach is needed in each country similar to the agencies and boards squarely focused on safety in the aviation and transportation industries, to ensure that provider organizations truly have safety processes and training programs in place. This type of oversight also helps to support a transparent culture of safety in healthcare that enables provider organizations to more rapidly identify risks, learn from each other’s experiences and spread innovative solutions.

Support of a U.S. National Patient Safety Board

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) is pleased to support the proposed independent federal agency, the National Patient Safety Board (NPSB), whose efforts are being led by a national policy and advocacy coalition facilitated by the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI). The efforts align with our Patient Safety Moonshot goal and we believe that establishing an independent body to identify, study, and disseminate recommendations when serious harm occurs in healthcare is one of the key efforts that all organizations looking to reduce preventable patient harm should get behind. The PSMF participates in the NPSB Advocacy Coalition as well as hosts its own executive committee on the topic. We encourage organizations that partner with us and follow our work to join the NPSB Advocacy Coalition. Learn more by visiting

Why Submit Your Support?

Join a Large Network of Passionate Individuals

By submitting your support, you are stepping up to take action individually but you will also provide the Patient Safety Movement Foundation with helpful information so that we can know who supports these initiatives. This is your opportunity to be heard. Your support will help PSMF advocate for change by showing that these issues are supported by the people – current and future patients who want to improve patient safety.

  1. Get Access to Briefing Documents
    We will also share briefing documents with you based on the issues you marked that you support.
  2. Receive a Guide to Write Effective Letters to Your Local Elected Officials
    In addition to briefing materials, we will also provide you with tools for you to write a letter to your local assemblyperson, senator, representative, and other government leaders who have the power to improve patient safety.
  3. Templated Letter
    If you would like some help drafting a letter we’ve created a quick and easy way for you to fill out just a few details which will then be plugged into letter that you can print off your computer and send to your elected offical.

Click below to understand how to raise your voice in support. If you have questions please contact [email protected]

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