Take Action to Demand Safe Care

MOVE, and then unite

Dedicate Your Miles to the #uniteforsafecare Campaign

Walk, run, jog, bike, rollerskate, and even “scoot”… and as you move, track your steps, and we will show people that patient and health worker safety is a global priority by sharing that people like you have chosen to dedicate your steps through our cause. Our steps, collectively, can be used to help move our congressional leaders and the media to prioritize and recognize patient and health worker safety for the global public health crisis that is silently killing millions of people each year.

For every mile you move, you help fundraise for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation from a corporate sponsorship pool. You can also create your own team and ask your friends and family to join, or pledge to support you.

Download Charity Miles and help us raise awareness about patient safety while you exercise. Donations made through the app will benefit our #uniteforsafecare campaign and the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.

We’ve developed a FAQ for setting up your Charity Miles account below.


FAQ's to Get You Set Up on Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an app to turn all the miles from walking, running, biking that you would do anyway into money for charity, users get sponsored by their employers, friends, family, etc.

Use the dedicated Patient Safety Movement Foundation link below to select us when you download Charity Miles here.

You can create an account by email or linking your Facebook.

Select the Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) as your charity of choice.

  1. The app will link to your phone’s internal pedometer (Apple: Apple Health; Android: Google Fit)
  2. That pedometer will track all your steps throughout the day. You don’t have to take any action, this will automatically occur.
  3. If you don’t have your phone with you at all times, then you may also connect a fitness tracker (ex. Garmin watch, Apple watch, or Fitbit) can be connected to your phone to track all your steps. NOTE: In order to connect a Fitbit you will need to purchase a third-party app from your app store.
  4. The “record” button, the circle in the center of the bottom screen, will let you select a certain activity to track your steps
  • Tracking distance, time, and pace
  • Once you’re done with your workout click “finish workout”

You will also have the opportunity to share a picture that includes the number of miles you just moved. This is a great way to share why you support the #uniteforsafecare campaign.

The fitness tracker should be already connected to your phone, which is connected to your phone’s health tracker. Activity tracked on your fitness tracker sends data to the phone’s internal health tracker to the app.

Charity Miles works with another app called Strava which is used by runners and walkers. Once you’ve created a Charity Miles account click on the icon that shows the profile of person (bottom right) and then click wheel icon in the top right corner of the app. You’ll see under “Applications and Integrations” the option to connect your Strava account.

We’ve created a Club on Strava so please feel free to join it!

Smart bikes (E.g. Peloton) can connect into Apple Health to track your activity.

To connect to a Peloton bike, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your workout history on your Peloton bike.
  2. Select the workout ride you did from workout history
  3. From that selected workout you can share that record of miles biked
  4. Share that record of your workout to the Strava App
  5. Search for the #uniteforsafecare team and join other Peloton users who support our campaign!!!

If you do not have a smart bike, follow these suggestions:

  1. Select indoor walk mode from the record button on the bottom center of the screen. You can slip your phone into the pocket or down the leg of your bike shorts or pants so that it tracks the movement of your legs when you are on the stationary bike. This method is not very exact.
  2. You may manually input the number of steps or miles through your phone’s health app or Strava. This is technically the honor system so please do not abuse this option.

Fill out the fields in the calculator (you will be able to change these numbers later).

  • Select the number of miles you would like to be held accountable for.
  • Select the amount of money you think people would be willing to donate per mile.
  • Select the number of pledges you think you can get from your friends and family members

Select a goal of how many miles and a due date. Once you select this you won’t be able to change the date.

Select a cover photo for your pledge page

Enter the email address where you’d like to receive information and notifications

You may also select a personal donation URL. For people who are already involved in the PSMF’s Classy Campaigns, you may copy and paste your individual Classy donation link here to connect the two systems.

Then, share your pledge page with anyone!


That glitch occurs due to recording within both Strava and Charity Miles at the same time, or when having a phone and fitness tracker on your person at the same time. If you have already linked your Strava account through Charity Miles settings you don’t need to click the “record” button within Charity Miles.

Unfortunately there’s no way to “undo” or “delete” these steps so just try not to do it again.

No, you would be only able to walk for one selected charity organization at a time.

No, you will not be able to add any more miles to your goal because that is what your pledges signed up to donate for. However, you are able to extend or change your due date for your goal.

Steps to add steps into your Apple Health

  1. Access your Apple Health or “Health” from your Iphone
  2. Once in the Health App, there is a section called “Steps,” click on “Steps”
  3. On the top right corner there’s a button for “Add Data,” click on “Add Data”
  4. Once clicked on you are able to input the number of steps you made that day or before
  5. After that, just click “Add” and you are good to go

Charity Miles has an excellent resource to help you set up your team page, click here.