Tools for Improving Safety for Patients, Families, and the Public

Empowering Patients and Families

Prepare for Your Next Visit

Empowered Patients are Safe Patients

We have spent time scraping the internet, talking to patients and family members who have survived harm and experienced loss, and creating a list of tools and resources that patients and family members can use to ensure they’re empowered patients, and advocates, respectively. 

  • Books
  • Guides
  • Checklists
  • Webpages
  • Mobile Apps

Patient Resources

We bring together resources for patients and family members. From mobile apps and guides, to books, checklists, and webpages we collate as many resources for patients and family members who are seeking care to keep them safe.


This mobile app developed and curated by a nurse and donated to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation helps patients and family members navigate the hospital and become more empowered.

COVID-19 Resources

Resources for hospitalized patients, the general public, clinicians, and hospital administrators included, along with vaccine information.

If You've Been Harmed

This resource was co-developed by PSMF staff and volunteers who have experienced harm and hope to provide tips on what to do when a patient or family member experiences harm.

Request a Presentation in your Community

The Patient Safety Speakers Coalition pairs patient safety experts with patients and family members who have experienced unsafe care to present to groups – community centers, clubs, societies, and more – to educate the public about how to be safe when they seek care.