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We’re Global

Our work impacts patient safety globally.

We’re Action-oriented

Our Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) help organizations across the healthcare continuum to create more reliable, person-centered systems, and include evidence-based best practice summaries, performance improvement plans, and educational content.

We Provide Free Products and Services

Our products and services are made freely available to anyone in a healthcare organization who can benefit from them. You can feel good by knowing that we’re breaking down financial barriers to patient safety improvement. We provide free virtual coaching to healthcare organizations in our network who need assistance effectively implementing change, but who cannot afford to hire consultants to help. We work with leaders and their teams to assess their current state using process mapping and root cause analysis tools, prioritize goals, develop implementation plans, and evaluate outcomes. In exchange, we ask these organizations to share their learnings, experience, and recommendations across our network.

Our Students Go Far

Students who have worked with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation have gone on to work for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Kaiser Permanente, Cigna, Adventist Health, DaVita, and more.

How do I apply for a practicum opportunity?

Interested students can apply on an individual basis if their school accepts the Patient Safety Movement Foundation as a practicum site.