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You know someONE or have become ONE of the millions affected by unsafe care. Together we can push for ZERO.

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If you or a loved one have experience preventable harm or death firsthand, first we are so sorry that the health system has failed you. But, there is hope! You can join this Movement to take action and help drive change, locally, nationally, and globally.

This organization brings together policymakers, technology, innovators, healthcare leaders, and industry partners to advance patient safety. Their commitment to zero harm is fierce and focused. The patient and family advocates who passionately share their stories further inspire the body of work to obtain no harm. One of the best organizations that I have participated in healthcare.

Martie Moore, Patient Safety Expert
Andrew Gappy shares his perspective as a family who has experienced medical error.

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You can help create public demand for safe care.

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There is no more important work to be done than to help solve a chronic “patient safety crisis” condition where over 1000 people per day are lost to preventable causes in US hospitals. How have we come to tolerate this? I lost my own wife 5 years ago to such a tragedy. To this day, the hospital has said nothing about their error or her death, yet everyone got paid in full for all associated charges. How does such an unaccountable healthcare delivery system continue to operate like this? PSM is trying to change all of this and it needs your help and your voice. Please join our efforts before you, or a loved one, becomes yet another tragic statistic.

-Brent Nibarger, Patient Advocate