Abbasseh Towfigh, DPM

Governance Board Member

Patient Safety Movement Foundation
Executive Director and Secretary, Ayeneh Foundation

Abbasseh Towfigh is on the Governance Board of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. A podiatric surgeon with the Santa Monica Podiatry Group for three decades, she has long been renowned for bringing a unique set of skills to the practice. Being multilingual, she is able to develop deeper connections with diverse communities and offers intuitive solutions to podiatric issues, particularly for female patients. She has a special interest in teaching, particularly in the areas of patient education and residency training.

Towfigh also serves as Executive Director and Secretary of the Ayeneh Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works internationally with the Farsi-speaking community to reduce the stigma associated with alcoholism, substance abuse, and related social problems. She works with the Foundation to address issues such as addiction, human rights violations, HIV/AIDS, environmental justice, and the plight of refugees around the world.