Actionable Evidence-Based Practices™ (AEBP™)

AEBPs To Guide You

We’ve built evidence-based Actionable Evidence-Based Practices™ (AEBP™) to help executives and leaders put in place processes known to prevent significant harm and death to patients in hospitals.

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1 Creating a Culture of Safety
2 Healthcare-associated Infections
2A Hand Hygiene
2B Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections
2C Surgical Site Infection
2D Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (English; Spanish)
2E Clostridioides difficile Infection
2F Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections
2G Non-Ventilator Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia
3 Medication Errors
3A Medication Errors
3B Antimicrobial Stewardship
3C Severe Hypoglycemia
3F Drug Shortages
4 Monitoring for Opioid-Induced Respiratory Depression
5 Patient Blood Management
6 Hand-off Communications
7 Neonatal Safety
8 Airway Safety
8A Safer Airway Management
8B Unplanned Extubation
9 Sepsis
10 Cardiac Arrest
11 Obstetric Safety
11A Post Partum Hemorrhage
12 Embolic Events
12B Air Embolism
14 Falls
14A Falls and Fall Prevention in Adults
14B Mother/Baby Falls
14C Early Mobility Management
15 Nasogastric Tube Placement and Verification
16 Person and Family Engagement
17 Patient Safety Curriculum (English; Portuguese)
18 Post-operative Delirium in Older Adults
19 Pressure Ulcers (English; Spanish)
20 Moderate Sedation
21 Respiratory Management
22 Rapid Response Teams
23 Workplace Safety
24 Care Coordination
25 Health Literacy
26 Isolation Precautions and Environmental Safety
27 Restraint Safety

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